Closer to you than ever.

In 2018, nearly 80% of our clients' transactions were conducted online or via mobile phone. We’re working hard to add new features in response to your expectations. You already have a wide range of services available at your fingertips.

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A new experience.

We’ve looked into the future on your behalf and developed a one-of-a-kind business location where everything has been designed to improve your experience today... and create the experience of tomorrow.

We’ve reinvented the mission of some of our business locations to turn them into new, exciting meeting and consulting spaces for our clients and the communities we serve: co-working spaces, meetings over coffee, connected learning spaces and more.

Browse the preliminary images of our new prototype that reflects our vision of the future.

You're changing,
we're changing.

On average, you visit your business location in person 13 times a year. The great majority of you prefer our digital solutions. We need to make adjustments to our distribution network in response to these new habits. Certain business locations with low transaction volumes will close and will be consolidated with nearby business locations.

Even after these consolidations, however, UNI remains the financial institution with the largest number of business locations across its territory.

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As committed as always.

Our drive to create value in your community remains strong, and more than ever, we will support entrepreneurs who contribute to our region’s economic vitality.