1 / 3
of our clients conduct transactions mainly at the counter.
80 %
of our clients’ transactions are conducted digitally.
93 %
of transactions among those aged 18-34 are conducted via AccèsD or ATM.
24 %
increase in the use of AccèsD between 2017 and 2018.

Changing habits.

In 2018, among all types of transactions and payment methods combined, only 1 in 3 clients conducted transactions mainly at the counter.

Digital channels preferred over the traditional counter.

Nearly 80% of our clients’ transactions were conducted digitally, whether via ATM, telephone, tablet or computer.

Looking more closely, 93% of those aged 18-34 preferred digital solutions (AccèsD or ATM) over the traditional counter at a business location.

AccèsD is now the preferred tool.

With total transactions exceeding those made at the counter or ATM, AccèsD has become the preferred tool for your banking needs. Across our entire network, use of AccèsD increased by 24% on average between 2017 and 2018.

29 %
of Canadians prefer using other payment tools besides their regular bank account.
20 %
of personal expenditures among Canadians aged 35-44 are made using physical money.

A nationwide trend.

Canadians prefer a variety of payment tools: almost 29% of Canadians prefer using other payment tools besides their regular bank account because of convenience and savings, including PayPal (55%), prepaid cards (27%), Apple Pay (11%), Google Pay (7%) and other mobile payments  7%). We are responding to this new trend.

Cash transactions becoming a thing of the past.

The decline in cash transactions is a reality that crosses generations. Only 30% of personal expenditures among Canadians aged 65 are made using physical money. Among 35-44 year-olds, this proportion drops to just 20%.

A modernization plan adapted to our clients.

In response to your new habits, UNI is modernizing its network and rethinking the client experience. This ambitious modernization project includes a number of gradual closures and relocations to business locations that better meet the needs of today’s clients.

Even after these changes, UNI remains the financial institution with the broadest coverage in New Brunswick.

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